New Zealand bespoke Jewellery design maker and goldsmith based in Whangarei, Northland

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Christine Price

The most beautiful stories are found between the pages of your family’s history books. Others are simply written in the stars.

Capture their magic forever with custom handmade jewellery by Christine Price.




Solid steel striking hardened gold. Raspy files sliding across the surface of incredible precious metal. Fire casting its ancient red-hot glow. Handcrafted jewellery has a character all its own, drawing inspiration from deep within your personal stories, your own intricate taste and style and from the environment it was created. Forged into a shape that was designed just for you, around precious gems that were chosen just for you. It has strength, beauty and intimate detail that cannot be matched or reproduced. Noticeably different, every curve is skillfully constructed, every precious stone perfectly placed. This is jewellery that is created one piece at a time with you in mind every step of the way.

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A little about Christine

Creating incredible jewellery for incredible people is one of her life’s greatest joys.

Having an innate love of everything sparkly since childhood, Christine began her time at the bench in New Zealand’s premier private goldsmith school in 2008. Since then, Christine’s career has seen her design and make pieces from the fantastically bold, bright, and dramatic to exquisitely classical jewels that exude timeless luxury, fast making her a well-known, established, and trusted name in her hometown of Whangarei, Northland.

Trained in traditional handmaking techniques that have been passed down by generations of goldsmiths, Christine can be found, old fashioned tools in hand, creating her own designs from precious metal in her private studio. A truly specialised and focused way of bringing one-of-a-kind jewels to life.

The big, the small and all the special moments in between have always been worth celebrating for Christine, so naturally crafting sensational, fine jewellery has been a lifelong calling. Let her passion for fun and fabulous things be the beginning of your next custom creation. Beauty awaits!

The Experience

Surrounded by luscious oak and olive trees and set amongst rolling green hills, the custom-built studio from which Christine works is designed to offer you a completely unique jewellery experience – ensuring you have the best of privacy and security while you enjoy personalised service.

Located an easy ten-minute drive South of Whangarei, the studio is an inviting space, whether you venture out alone, with the intention of keeping safe a wonderous surprise or bring friends and family for beautiful afternoon of laughter and memory making. The studio and Christine’s attention will be all yours with no interruptions.

Delve into a micro world that brings delight to each of us. Colour, creativity, elegance. Each choice in your custom jewellery journey adding an artist like brushstroke to create something exclusively you.

Sit in the sunshine, enjoy the view, relax, and sip champagne while the room lights up in anticipation of the big reveal. It doesn’t get any better than this!

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Engagement and Wedding Rings

The stars have aligned and your forever has arrived. Congratulations!

Bespoke brilliance is what this moment calls for. The purest reflection of you and your love, one of a kind.

The finest of gold and platinum, handcrafted into a design that is solely yours, featuring stones that were hand selected for you.

Diamonds, sapphires, rubies – Explore the magnificence of Mother Nature’s offerings while choosing the most significant symbol you will ever have the pleasure to wear.

Take the time now to make sure these special pieces become a family heirloom for generations to enjoy.

The Power Piece

You know that feeling? Excitement. Confidence. Exuberance. These are the feelings that will flow through you every time you slip the ring on your finger or drape the necklace across your décolletage.

Your signature Power Piece is all about you. It makes you feel incredible, it is the culmination of all your achievements and a reminder of the amazing person you are.

The Power Piece is a true one-of-a-kind celebration. It is your stone – tourmaline, tanzanite, topaz? Enveloped by carefully curated curves of gold and platinum. Artfully arranged sapphires that display the colours of the rainbow - Blue, green, purple, and pink? Stunningly sophisticated rubies or enchanting emeralds? The choice is yours.

It is your Power Piece. It is a one-of-a-kind celebration of you. You have made it, now tell the world.

Redesign and repair

Revitalise the pieces of jewellery you already cherish by repairing and restoring them back to their former glory or create something entirely new using gold and gemstones that have been part of your family for along time.

Christine will take time during your consultation to carefully go over your pieces, helping you decide on the best way to repair them, so they are safe and comfortable to wear once again, or begin the redesign process which breathes new life into your own gold by melting it down and starting afresh.

Redesign allows you to recreate something that is aligned with your taste from sentimental items giving you the best of both worlds –Nana’s diamonds, Mum’s gold, those pieces that mean the world - all together in a ring, pendant or bracelet that best reflects your style. This can also be a great option for jewellery that has been loved and worn so much that repair is no longer an option.

Let’s get these beauties up-styled and seen by the world again!

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So how do

we make this


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The idea of having something special made or restored by experienced hands in a serene, private, and safe setting sounds like a divine way of enhancing your jewellery collection?

Simply send an email. From here you will connect with Christine personally and arrange your first consultation, either in studio or online at a time that is convenient for you. 

“Being apart of your jewellery journey and creating something beautiful is an honour I will always cherish.
I would love to craft something just for you”
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